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Catering Creations LLC. specializes in "on-location" catering services to the film & television industry.

Experienced and prepared to work in all conditions and remote locations, we provide food that pleases palette's and meets the special dietary needs of your cast and crew, on-time and within budget.

"Fit to Eat" On-Location

We own four, very successful, award-winning restaurants in Gulfport Mississippi with outstanding credentials. Salute Italian, best Italian restaurant on the Coast 2012, Lookout Steakhouse, best steakhouse on the Coast 2012, and Back Bay Seafood, best
seafood restaurant on the Coast 2011. These restaurants allow us to staff long term film catering with consistent staff that knows the importance of time. Personable, punctual and efficient are the qualities of our service staff.

Special dietary needs are a reality in all facets of business today. Rob Stinson, our owner, hosts a television show on MPB, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, statewide and weekly called “Fit to Eat.” This showcases local, farm to table food, prepared with a focus on different dietary needs: Vegan, low-carb, vegetarian, gluten-free are no problem for us and actually are common on all of our restaurants menus. Diversity in menu design is our forte.

We own and operate, self-contained cooking trailers and trucks so we can make a “command center” on each job site. We have catered for parties of 100-5000
(during the aftermath of Katrina and the BP oil spill) that have given us the experience to know the challenges of maintaining a base of operations to keep the “masses” fed. We excel in challenges and approach each event with an independent spirit.

Credibility and dependability are the benchmarks of our operation. We are well-known in Mississippi because of our commitment to charitable and community events.

We can provide a long list of references here in Mississippi that will validate our claims of customer and client satisfaction and our commitment to provide customers “more than their monies worth.”

Contact: Ron Craven 228-343-1688,, visit us on facebook

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